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Lee Mill is near Plymouth, right between Plympton and Ivybridge in South Devon, just off the A38.  Our chapel is on Plymouth Road, near the ‘Famous Lee Mill’, just inside the Sparkwell Civil Parish.

Sadly, we are no longer operating and winding down church activities by the end of April 2018.  For anything to do with the buildings, you will need to contact the trustees, who are: EFCC PO Box 34 BEVERLEY HU17 0YY, Telephone/Fax: (44) 01482 860324 efcc@efcc.karoo.co.uk

Morning Service – 11.00 am – Mixture of contemporary and traditional evangelical worship, centring on Bible teaching for young and old. – Refreshments are available after the service.  Activity bags are provided for younger children during sermons.  These are regularly updated with pencils, colouring, stickers, and puzzles such as word searches and dot-to-dots.  Question Sheets are usually available for under 14s to help them to start listening to sermons (with rewards afterwards for those whose parents are not dentists!).  Children’s talks are now called ‘Think it Through‘, and usually happen towards the beginning of services.
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Current Preaching Series

Wisdom owl picture


We are currently having a short preaching series from various Bible passages on the subject of wisdom.

Sunday services finished on 28th January, 2018.






Lee Mill Christmas 2017 Preaching Series and Carol Service

Lee Mill Christmas 2017 Preaching Series and Carol Service

See the Lee Mill Book Shop tab for helpful resources to accompany this preaching series.

Preaching series in Acts

Preaching series in Acts

Current Preaching Series


Previous Preaching Series…

What was the Reformation all about?

Easter preaching series 2017
Don't Peter Out - Sundays @ 11 at Lee Mill Congregational Church Don’t Peter Out – Sundays @ 11 at Lee Mill Congregational Church



Lee Mill Christmas preaching series and Carol Service

Lee Mill Christmas preaching series and Carol Service

Parables in Luke's gospel - small story, big idea

Parables in Luke’s gospel – small story, big idea

Nehemiah - What God Did Next

Nehemiah – What God Did Next

Apocalypse Then and Now Sunday preaching series in Revelation

4 kinds of Christmas book mark

4 kinds of Christmas book mark

The ten (10) commandments poster

The ten (10) commandments poster



1 Thessalonians preaching series and Exodus Bible studies

The church is something invented by Jesus Christ himself, so how should we view it?  Should we be suspicious of it as an institution?  Or should we love and care for it as something more like family?  How much does God care for his church?  Why do some people hate it?

Winter 2015 Preaching Series

The Most Important Week in Your Life is the final week of Jesus' life in 30AD.
Leading all the way up to Easter and beyond, we  explored the rest of John’s gospel.

Christmas 2014 Preaching Series

Christmas preaching series and Carols by Candlelight

Christmas preaching series and Carols by Candlelight

We looked at the book of Ruth leading up to Christmas 2014.  It provides important background to understanding the Christmas story, rooting it in historical facts and explaining God’s plans to show us his kindness through Jesus.

We also give away free copies of the book, “Sshh…Don’t Wake the Baby”.

The instructions were, ‘Do bring a torch (not a candle, please!) to Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve, some children, some friends, and then stay for eats afterwards’.

Autumn 2014 Preaching Series

John’s eye witness account in his gospel continues with Jesus’ great ‘I AM’ statements, the raising of Lazarus, and then the long road to the cross.

Late Summer 2014 Preaching Series

Esther - Unfinished Business

Esther – Unfinished Business

The book of Esther is fascinating in many ways.  It does not mention God, at least not by name anyway.  And yet the book is all about that invisible God, saving his people from their enemies.  And the story is so theatrical!  Look at the dramatic picture on the poster below where Esther accuses the “vile Haman” of genocide.  Did somebody mention genocide?  The book is strangely up to date considering that it comes from 2,400 years ago and 4,000 miles away.  It is a wonderful combination of fun and deadly, deadly serious!

Early Summer 2014 Preaching Series

Notice the slightly fuzzy picture of Lee Mill from the North.  People can be similarly fuzzy about how we are to partner with each other in the work of the gospel.  However, this is explored in the apostle Paul’s letter to the church in the city of Philippi.   Through this series, we hope that everyone now has a clear

Partnership in the Gospel is the theme of the apostle Paul's letter to the Christians in the city of Philippi. On Sunday morning, we will be exploring this letter.

Partnership in the Gospel poster

view of what it means to be a gospel partner, i.e. a real Christian who is a member of a local church, dedicated to making disciples.

Spring 2014 Preaching Series

From the start of 2014 we looked at the first seven chapters of John’s Gospel at 11am on Sundays.  Gospels are always in the news – you know, the phony ones written in the name of Mary or Barnabas, usually from 4th Century or later.  We looked at John’s Gospel, one of the 4 real (and only 4 real) ones from 1st Century AD…

John's Gospel Preaching series at Lee Mill Church.

John’s Gospel Preaching series at Lee Mill Church.

Christmas 2013 Preaching Series

Usually, the Christmas story is told in a rather twee way that misses out all the gory bits!  Well, we looked at the real thing, UNCUT,  at 11am on Sunday mornings in December.   We were also giving away free copies of the ‘Christmas Uncut‘ book.

Christmas Uncut Series

Christmas Uncut Series

See the calendar tab for the titles of the series, or listen to the MP3 recordings by clicking on the Sermons tab.

The Lord’s Prayer 2013 Preaching Series


Lord’s Prayer Sunday Morning Preaching Series

Do you find real prayer easy?  If your answer is “yes”, you’ve never done any!  We had a preaching series on the Lord’s Prayer, focusing on the two versions Jesus gave us in Matthew 6 and Luke 11.   Listen to the MP3 recordings by clicking on the Sermons tab.

A warm welcome awaits you.

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