The first time you decide to go to church can seem daunting, but like most things, if you ‘just go for it’, everything will be fine. There really is nothing to worry about. However, if you would like some-one to come for you, or meet you at the chapel front doors, just say – use the Contact Form on the web site.

You can get to the chapel on foot through either the front gates on Plymouth Rd or through the back gate which is down an alleyway off New Park Road, near the number 20 bus stop.

If you come by car, it is almost always easy to park free, basically anywhere legal, or down the back of Bowker House (which is exactly opposite the chapel).  If you have any doubts, just contact us using the Contact Form and we will show you a guaranteed free parking place somewhere very nearby.

So you’ve made it as far as the mysterious black doors.  Well done.

Just come in!  Some-one will say “Hi” and give you a song book and a Bible.  Inside is traditional church seating.  Sit anywhere you like.  Nobody has pew reservations nowadays, but the best place to sit is in the middle and towards the front.

You’ll see a projection screen, some musical instruments, a pulpit and some very ordinary-looking people.

No-one will ask you for money.  We stand to sing or read a bit of the Bible out loud together.  We sit for almost everything else.  Just follow what everyone else does.  We try to do everything using modern English, and anything else we can to make you feel comfortable and at home with us.  We sing a mixture of modern and some older songs and hymns, whatever will fit in well with the theme of the sermon.  Remember to bring your specs if you need them 🙂

5 or 10 minutes of the service is our ‘Think It Through’ slot which is interactive.  It is mainly for children but varies in content according to who is around that day.

The sermon lasts for between 20 and 35 minutes.  We almost always explain a chunk of the Bible.  There are usually paper hand-outs for folks to write on and take away.  There are also ‘activity packs’ for the youngest children, to keep them occupied while everyone listens to a talk.

The service usually lasts about 75 minutes.  After the service, everyone is welcome to stay for refreshments in the hall that you may be familiar with from toddler group, post office, general elections or harvest supper.  It provides an opportunity to discuss or ask questions.  Do stay for as long as you are able.


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