Bible Study

We normally study the Bible on Thursday evenings.  See the calendar tab for what we are currently studying.

Recently, we have just finished looking at the set of psalm 11 to 17. Here is the PDF set of 7 applied Bible studies to download and print.

Here is a set of 34 small group Bible studies in 1 Samuel by David Legg to download and print.

In 2016, we studied King David’s last 8 psalms (Psalms 138-145).  Here is a freely downloadable and printable PDF file with the full set of 8 Bible studies for use by small groups.  Each study is interactive and should take less than an hour: psalms_138-145_studies_in_8_davidic_psalms

The studied the letter to the Hebrews earlier during 2016.hebrews_logo

These meetings are now being held in homes just opposite Lee Mill chapel, either 1, Western Cottages, Plymouth Rd, Lee Mill or Buttsford House, Plymouth Rd, Lee Mill.  Ring 01752 895792 to check where to come this week.

Our new series of Bibles studies will look at the letter to the Hebrews.

Previously, having finished looking at the book of Genesis, there was a certain logic to continuing on into Exodus.   You may download this set of free Bible studies in Exodus called ‘The Exodus Experiment‘ by clicking here.

Christians are also encouraged to both read and study the Bible on their own and as families.

These free Bible study notes for small groups were originally used on Thursday evenings, and are freely downloadable and printable for use by other churches.

These Bible study notes on some of the psalms were originally used on Thursday evenings, but are free for you to download  and use in whatever way is most beneficial.

Psalms 120-136 form part of the post-exilic collection known to the Jews as the Great Hallel. Psalms 120-136.   Sometimes Psalm 136 on its own is called the Great Hallel.  An additional study on Psalm 137 has been included.   So however you look at them, these studies can be regarded as ‘The Great Hallel+‘.

Sample Bible study notes page layout

Sample Bible study notes page layout

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