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Christianity is all about good news, free good news, good news about what God has done by sending Jesus to earth.  To find out more, we invite you watch the free DVD or read the free book below.

Free DVD entitled 'Discovering: So Who Is This Jesus?'

Free DVD entitled ‘Discovering: So Who Is This Jesus?’


The DVD features the well known actor Russell Boulter who was in ‘The Bill‘ for a number of years.  Roger Carswell introduces him and then Boulter talks about his Christian faith, why Jesus is so special, on location in places including Bethlehem, the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem.  The DVD has 6 chapters which can be viewed separately.  For a preview, click here.



ifyoucouldaskThe free book, ‘If you could ask God one question?‘ is also divided into short chapters.  It features answers to popular questions such as “Why does God allow suffering?” and a dozen others.  It will appeal to the thoughtful reader, but can be dipped into one short chapter at a time.

We would be delighted to send or give you the book or the DVD if you live in or near Lee Mill.  Just use the Contact Us form to order your copy.  Remember to leave your name and address, of course.

For free Sunday sermon (and other) downloads in MP3 format, click here.

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