Harvest 2017

2017’s family harvest supper is on 7th October at 6pm.  There is a free harvest meal with a short talk.  It was suitable for families.  Come and meet your neighbours.  Make sure you book your place early because places are limited to the seating capacity of our hall.  Choose from either a pasty or a ploughman’s.  No ticket required, but please do book before the Saturday.

However, you do not need to book to come along on Sunday morning at 11am and join us in giving thanks to our God for all his blessings, harvest blessing, spiritual blessings in Jesus Christ, family blessings,…  The service will be a traditional harvest one with a display of produce, children’s talk and a look at the proverb, ‘You sow what you reap’…


The 2013 Harvest Message

Harvest Text Genesis 8v22

Lee Mill harvest text – Genesis 8 verse 22

‘TANSTAAFL’stands for There’s Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Bars in America used to advertise a free lunch if you bought just one drink. Unfortunately, the free lunches consisted of very salty food such as salted ham, salted cheese or salted crackers, so that you would be so thirsty that you had to buy lots more beer to drink. There ain’t no such thing…

Somebody must pay for everything one way or another. For example, for us to enjoy a free harvest supper on 6th October 2013, the members of Lee Mill Church had to put in a lot of hard work. In fact, they are still paying for it even now, but it was worth it to bless the community.

And yet some things really do seem to be free, for example, sunlight. The sun produces 386 million million million gigawatts of free power, so solar panels do actually generate free electricity.

Air, water, blackberries, rabbits, minerals, music, beauty, oil, coal, rivers, fish, soil, spring, summer, autumn, are all actually freely provided.

How can all these things and many more have been given to us genuinely freely? They are free because God promised that he would always lay them on:-

  • As long as the earth endures, seed time and harvest, cold and heat,
    summer and winter, day and night will never cease
    . Genesis 8V22.NIV84

We have a lot to thank God for, every year, every harvest, every season.

But what is more amazing is what had happened just before God made that promise of blessing back in Genesis:

a) God had just flooded the world (for which there is lots of geological and historical evidence; just google it.)

b) God knew what humans were like:-

  • Never again will I curse the ground because of humans, even though every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood. Genesis 8v21NIV84

 In other words, God knew about:-

  1. how children always prefer to disobey their parents (you never have to teach them that!);

  2. how the rise of atheism and rejection of God’s laws would lead to the holocaust, two world wars, 30 million dying of starvation in China in the names of Mao and communism (and that was just 20th Century!)

  3. child abuse, snuff pornography, chemical warfare, wife beating, the abortion of girl babies;

  4. the extinction of animals, poisoning of lakes, negative equity, unemployment, drug abuse, etc. etc.

Surely, if God knew all THAT, he should have stopped the world then and there?
But he didn’t; instead he promised Genesis 8:22, ‘… seed time and harvest…will never cease‘.

How could God continue to give us free, good, things, summers, harvest, everything, when he knew how we would abuse it, waste it, and use it all to treat other humans so badly? He could hold off his wrath and show us mercy because he had also promised to send a saviour, who would buy us some time, time to find God. In other words, time is yet anotherfree gift to us from God; it allows us to ‘reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us‘ (Acts 17:27) as the apostle Paul said in Athens to some Greeks who hadn’t heard of Jesus.

To find out more about any of this, drop in any Sunday; request a free DVD or a free book if you have hard questions, look at the book stall, or use the contact form on the web site.  You can even download a free harvest message.

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