Ecclesiastes 1+12 : Don't Do Life the Hard Way


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Introduction to Ecclesiastes and other ‘wisdom literature’

Don't Do Life the Hard Way

• Take notice of all of Ecclesiastes, including the meaningless parts;
• Learning from Solomon, NOT by repeating Solomon's experiments;
• Take Ecclesiastes very seriously, because it's wisdom from Jesus our Shepherd, the one who laid down his life for the sheep.

Main thing: Don't do life the hard way; learn wisdom from Jesus, learn wisdom in Ecclesiastes, and indeed from the whole Bible.

(Incorrect) Example:
1:14 to 2:23
Solomon's experiment with life
2:24 to 26
2:26 To the man who pleases him, GOD gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness
3:1 to 9
3:1 There is a time for everything ...
3:10 to 15
3:14 Only what GOD does will last forever.
3:16 to 4:16
Injustice, death, plus a handful of proverbs
5:1 to 7
Be quick to listen, slow to speak … (as James puts it)

Summary of all the meaningless bits
12:9 to the end
The truly wise conclusion

(Correct) So, rather than going meaningless-nugget, meaningless-nugget,… etc. it is better to describe the structure as Barry Webb does:

'Five Festal Garments' – Ecclesiastes - 'The Garment of Vexation'!
• Observational Wisdom (alternating with)
• Instructional Wisdom
Application: Don't discard the meaningless bits, or you'll throw away a whole lot of observational wisdom.

Passages:Ecclesiastes 1:1-12:14
Date:January 14, 2018
Series & Preacher:Wisdom, David Legg (Sunday Morning)
Tags:Barry, Meaningless, Webb, Wisdom
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